Collège André-Grasset, Montreal, Canada
Professor: Paul Guertin's Calculus Class
Using the ISRM Slide Rule Loaner Program

Collège André-Grasset
is a pre-university college in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It is located near the Quebec Autoroute 40 and the Crémazie metro station. The college was founded in 1927 by the priests at St. Sulpice of Montreal and named for priest André Grasset. The school was built at the request of the Archbishop of Montreal. In 1975, the school opened a gym and a multipurpose room in 1990. Since 2003, the college has been featuring technical training courses at the Institute Grasset
Hello Mike,

The slide rules that I loaned from the ISRM were a huge hit with our students. We organized two separate workshops, and both were well attended. I also used the slide rules in my introductory calculus class to introduce logarithms. Thank you so much for the loan.

I sent the slide rules back to you yesterday. You should recieve them in a few days. Hopefully you won't have to pay taxes or brokerage fees to get them. In the package I sent you, there are 38 slide rules. You sent me 40, and I gave one to Nicolas Perrault (the student who told me about the loaner program). He was very happy to get it and sends his thanks. During this year, he also decided to major in mathematics in university.

Have a good summer!

Paul Guertin
Mathematics Department

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