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Row #01
Kimono Silk Store In Old Japan, Shows Soroban. lANTERN Glass Slide. OkinawaSoba Collection. Ca.1895-1905 hand-tinted glass lantern-slide photo. Made by T. TAKAGI of Kobe, but probably photographed by KOZABURO TAMAMURA of Yokohama who sold all of his stock to Takagi.

Japanese Bead Maker With Pump Drill.Meiji-Era 1904. Though rarely seen today, the pump drill was an important part of many old artisan cultures including the making of Soroban. The western cultures were making fine watches at the same time using similar devices.

Fruit Seller In Old Japan With Soroban, Ca1897-1900 by T. ENAMI, Glass Slide Stereoview. Okinawa Soba Collection

This photograph by Arnold Genthe was originally labeled "The Jewelry Shop". Note the set of scales in the glass case on the counter at right as well as the abacus on the counter in front of the shop attendant.

Used Kimono Seller With Soroban. Japan.1890s Glass Slide. Okinawa Soba Collection
Row #02
Japanese Pipe Shop Showing Soroban, Yokohama Studio Of SHINICHI SUZUKI II

Japanese Girls Shop At Silk Store. Merchant With Soroban. 1870s Glass Slide. Okinawa Soba Collection

Japanese Porcelain Dealer With Soroban.ca1890s. Hand-tinted Salt Print. Okionawa Soba Collection

Japanese Kimono Seller Shows Soroban. 1890s Glass Slide. Okinawa Soba Collection

Soroban On The Old Tokaido. Kawasaki-shi,Juku Kanagawa Prefecture. Photo By only1tanuki
Row #03
Old Japan Hardware Goods Shop Ca1885-95 Note:2 Sorobans are Shown. Hand Tinted Albumen Print, Okinawa Soba Collection. Note: There are two Soroban in the picture.

Japanese Man With Soroban With Fans, old studio photo. The negative was probably almost 15 years old when KIMBEI KUSAKABE brought it out to make the above print ca1896. Notice that the man seated to the right has his hair done up in the chonmage "top knot" that was prohibited starting in the 1870s.

UCMAS abacus students. UCMAS took its roots in Malaysia and with the collaboration of Zhusuan Association, China, constantly rose with increased representation in different countries.

UCMAS (Universal Concept Mental Arithmetic System) Abacus Examination.

The Brass Ornament Dealer Ca1897-1900 by T. ENAMI. Glass Lantern-Slide From Stereoview. Image is from the vast and rare Photographic Collections of the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts.
Row #04
Universal Statuary Corp 1958, "Asian Man With Abacus"

Drawing Children With Abacus

Japanese Antique Dealer With Soroban

Postcard of Hong Kong Chinese Bookkeepers Checking Accounts

The McBee Company Ad with Abacus
Row #05
Ancient Computer Expo

Abacus Hotel Wall Hanging

This huge suanpan is a climbing frame on a childrens playground in "Waipuojia", Zhejiang Province, China. Photo by Qian Xiao Kui, couertesy of Joern Luetjen's Abacus-online-Museum.

IBM Abacus ad 1953

Jimmy Woo's (Phoenix, Arizona) Interior Giant Abacus
Row #06
Female Clerk Calculating Price On Chinese Abacus,Beijingh,China, 1977

Female Clerk Calculating Price On Japanese Soroban, Japan.

Jinko Abacus

Drawing Of Abacus in Chinese Laundry

Abacus IBM Ad April 24, 1921 Saturday Evening Post
Row #07
Photo through a microscope of the world's smallest image of abacus, at 5mm long, imprinted in a Hewlett Packard Integrated Circuit.. The beads are set at Pi= 3.14159265358979. Code named Abacus or 1FW6, the chip was used exclusively for Hewlett-Packard products. The logical design was engineered by Jerry Ringelin in Lake Stevens, Washington and the physical design by Gary Petrie and Paul Nuber in Fort Collins, Colorado. The initials of the designers appear on the left of the abacus. Photo through a microscope at Micro.Magnet website at Florida State University.

Ming Dynasty Style Suan Pan 1573

China Nantong Abacus Museum, located by the Haohe River, offers a permanent exhibition covering 6000 square meters, making it the world's largest and oldest museum dedicated to the history of the abacus.

A pavilion model composed by 668 abacuses at an exhibition with the theme of abacus culture in Taiyuan, capital of north China's Shanxi Province, April 27, 2011.

The Sea Is Watching "Umi wa miteita" (original title) 2002 - Japanese Movie with english subtitles, showing a 1/5 bead 15 digit Soroban. Photo by Mike Konshak
Row #08
Abacus In a Fish Bowl Sculptor, Photo By Frans129

Abacus In Litton Ad, Scientific American Nov1956

Abacus Windows at Abacus Museum in Huang, China. Photo By Alphafan

Abacus Shop, Shanghai China. Photo By Umair Ahmen of Islamabad, Pakistan

Abacus Shop Sign in Yuen Long (China). Photo By Xxstickeyricexx
Row #09
Japanese Man With Soroban Surrounded By Old Japanese Military Paraphernalia By T. ENAMI ca.1892-95. Hand-colored glass slide.

Abacus Gateway at Sun Yat Sen Garden in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Korean Herald, September 24, 1989 article on abacus in schools. Prof. Joern Luetjen Collection, Germany.

Lido Abacus, Venice, Italy 2007. Photo By Jmarker

Shanghai China Dec 2005, Shanghai Sculpture Space.
Row #10
Japanese Print Of Man Using Soroban

Giant Abacus sculptor in Colombo World Trade Towers, Sri Lanka

Girl Counting On Abacus, Bethlehem Play, 2002 in Burnet, Texas.Photo By Jlmgwn

Wao With Big Abacus in Shop, 2006 Photo By Karenmoment7

6 Meter Abacus Abacus Culture Museum, Taiyun, China
Row #11
2006 Shanghai International Mosaiculture, shrubbery. Photo By Moyuanjin

2008 Singapore Abacus Mental Exam. Students Receive Certificates

Asian Merchants Sculpture, Singapore. Photo By Zenon Lee

Asian Merchants Sculpture, another view, Singapore. Photo By Zenon Lee

Adam Riesen, 1575 Block Print showing counting table
Row #12
Female Asian students using abacus/soroban

Print of Japanese Merchant Using Soroban, courtesy of Computer History Museum

Giga (cartoon character) dancing with soroban, c1868

Calculation with the soroban in Yoshida Mitsuyoshi's Jinkoki, 1641 edition.

Soroban with roman and rovas numerals, Created by Rovosaman, published in Wiki Commons.
Row #13
Abacus Used In Seoul, South Korea Medical Store. By Regina from Berkeley,CA

Calculating Kitchen Expenses With Soroban at Karuizawa. 2009 Photo By Michael Plewman

Soroban Shop Near Sensoji, Asakusa, Chome, Tokyo Prefecture. 2008 Photo By Abbey

Soroban Using Roman Numerals at Coffee Shop In Toon City, Ehime, Shikoku Island. 2012 Photo ByJim O'Neil

Abacus In Chinese Fireworks Shop. 2006 Photo by Augapfel, Christopher.
Row #14
Seoul, South Korea P'ungmul Flea Market. 2011 Photo By Moreska

Japanese Merchant Tools In Museum. 2006 Photo By Hector Garcia

Soroban Shop In Yamamato, Hanakawado, Tokyo. Photo By KMRT

Soroban Shop in Asakusa, Japan. 2009 Photo By Chris Hand

Soroban Shop in Asakusa, Japan. 2009 Photo By Chris Hand
Row #15
Abacus In Box In Hong Kong Shop. 2010 Photo By Bombermann121

Suzhou Sweets Shop China, Abacus On Counter. 2008 Photo By Gameboys And Giggles

Abacus In Aba Sichuan, China LinenShop. 2005 Photo By Raul Gutierrez

Abacus Art Downtown Gwangju. 2012 Photo By Jimmy McIntyre

Abacus Art Downtown Gwangju. 2012 Photo By Jimmy McIntyre
Row #16
Soroban Shop In Gifu, Japan. 2011 Photo By Akirat

Old Soy Sauce Shop With Abacus On Counter In Central Hong Kong. 2009 Photo By John Ng

Shop Keeper Uses Abacus In Shop in ChinaTown, Kolkata. 2007 Photo By Vijayakumarbalaji

Big abacus. Photo By Smart neddy

Kyota Bottle shop And Bar, Elderly Woman With Soroban. 2008 Photo By Roving
Row #17
Schoty Abacus Used In Produce Shop in Baku, Azerbaijan. 2012 Photo By Jim Yumievriwan

Linen Shop With Abacus Lantian, Wangfujing, Beijing, China. 1984 Photo By Katte Belletje

Schoty Abacus Found In The Ruins Of Pripyat School In Chernobyl, Russia. 2011 Photo By Rob Spencer

Georgtown Malaysia, Abacus And Elderly Man. 2009 Photo By Mario Jorge Lopez

Kashmir Shop Owner Uses Schoty Style Abacus. 2008 Photo By Rebecca Jayne Wolfe
Row #18
Shop Girl Uses Abacus In Calculator Shop In Beijing, China. 1995 Photo By John Sloan

24 Hour Shop In Murmansk with Schoty Abacus. 2006 Photo By PaulvD

Schoty Abacus In Shop In Kashgar, China. 2006 Photo By Janice Lane

Tehran,Iran Shop Owner Uses Schoty Style Abacus. "Chortke" In Farsi. 2011 Photo By Kombizz Kashani

Shop Keeper Haj Aghja, And Customer, In Tehran, Iran. 2011 Photo By Kombizz Kashani
Row #19
Miyake Cafe And Confectionery Shop with Sorabon Display. 2010 Photo By Sunetteh

Large Wall Soroban In Kyoto Station, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. 2009 Photo By Zack Lee

Petaling Street Hardware Shop In China, With Abacus. 2012 Photo By Tian Yake

Sakhalin Island Grocery Store With Schoty In Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. 1998 Photo By Steve Jurvetson

Brush Holder Abacus. Beijing China
Row #20
Monument Of Soroban At Ono, Hyogo Prefecture. Photo By 663Highland

Ono_City Tradition Industrial Hall. Soroban Specimens. Photo By 663Highland

Ono City Tradition Industrial Hall, Temple made of Soroban. Photo By663Highland

Ono City Tradition Industrial Hall, Temple made of Sorobans. Photo By663Highland

Japan-America Society of Dallas/FortWorth. Akimatsuri Fall Festival. 2011
Row #21
Schoty Abacus Tashkent, Uzebekistan. 1984 Photo By Sten-Ake Stenberg

China Bead Abacus. British Museum. 2007 Photo By Collegestudent86

Basket ball Abacus. Chapel Hill. 2005

Shanghai China 2005. Man Repairing An Abacus

Japanese Student Using Soroban c1930
Row #22
1899 Photo of Salamis Tablet c300B.C.

Abacus using Pebbles in grooves

Roman Abacus. Bronze Replica by Joern Luetjen, Germany

Along The River by Zhang Zeduan, Saun Pan in Herbal Shop

Along The River by Zhang Zeduan Displayed at Ching Ming Festival
Row #23
The European Table Abacus (Circa 1299)

A Baqua circular abacus (1368-1644)

Chinese Shop Owner Using Suan Pan

Frozen Fish Market, St. Petersburg

Russia food store, Schoty Abacus at each counter
Row #24
Japanese "Merchant Making Accounts" on Soroban by Artist Hokusaiwho is one of the main artists of the EDO school, known as "paintings of the floating world". He is also known for the diversity of names used throughout his professional career, Shunro, Sori, Kako, Taito, Gakyonjin, Iitsu and Manji.

Early 1900's Eastern European Office with Schotky (Abacus). EarlyOfficeMuseum.com Image

Japananese Pupil Using Soroban (Abacus) 1906 Print

Russian Schoty (Abacus) Seller Carrying His Wares

BYTE Magazine July 1978 History of Computing
Row #25
Lockheed Ad With Abacus 1963

Abacus Under Glass Comic

Asian Scribe And Mathmetician Statues Bronze Gilt Over Plaster Figurines Holding Abacus And Book

Abacus Finger Ring

Australia Accountancy Congress - 1972 FDC Postage Stamp And Card
Row #26
An Ukiyoe Woodblock Print Of The Edo Period (1603-1867). Calculating On Soroban. The Abacus Today - Mathematics In School 1975

Long 41 row, 2x5 bead Abacus in Antique Shop

Custom Abacus Display, Chapel Hill, 2005

Bronze Buddha Statue Vintage 24 Karat Gold Plated Solid cast Metal

Wood Buddha Statue With Abacus, 1719. Aiki Kazushige Collection
Row #27
Clerk In The Hong Kong And Shanghai Bank, The Abacus Today Mathematics In School 1975

1963 Abacus Math Contest

Abacus Window At Abacus Museum in Huang, China

Postcard with Abacus

Postcard with Cat playing with Abacus. 1909
Row #28
Taiwan Chamber Of Commerce Abacus Mental Calculation Exam. July 2009. Mr.and Mrs. Tan's Abacus Class "LittleSquirrels".

Child Holding Abacus Back Scratcher

Abacus Contest In Elementary School in USA

2008 Singapore Abacus Mental Exams. Students Receive Certificates

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