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This page contains specimens that have slide rules in their design in the form of Jewelry, Cups, Patches, etc. These are all physical specimens that exist today, either in the ISRM collection or from other sources. The Novelties gallery was created to reduce the number of images that were on the Ephemera (such as magazine advertisements) and Photos of People with Slide Rule gallery, which will also be split. ISRM web pages are not mobile friendly, so this is an effort to make navigation on the site easier. The Novelties gallery is a work in progress.

Patches/Decals/Military Insignia with Slide Rules in the design

USAF Test Pilot School Patch

Lane Tech Slide Rule Club c1069 (Flickr: Patchman999)

Auburn University "Engineers" decal showing slide rule on Engineer's hip. Cost $0.29. Donated By Amin Aur, who purchased this in 1974 in the Univ Bookstore. He graduated in 1979 with a degree in Aerospace Engineering He worked at General Dynamics, then joined the USAF and currently works at Southwest Airlines.

Does anything say old school ENGINEER quite like the symbology of a slide rule and a drafting square precariously balanced on the fulcrum of a pyramid emblazoned with the symbol of a mysterious society? "This was the patch of my Explorer Scout Post, back in the day." (Author inknown)

Queens University, Ontario, Canada, Class of 1959 Crest with a charicature of a slide rule wearing a kilt.

Insignia of the US Navy Test Pilot School located in NAS Patuxent River Maryland. A slide rule is integrated into the design. The original owner of this patch attended USNTPS from 1957 through 1958. The aircraft silhouette on the patch is a Douglas F4D Skyray. The Skyray first flew in 1951, entered service in 1956, and was retired from service in 1964. U.S.N.T.P.S. currently flies the F-18 Hornet. provided by usmilitariaforum.com

USNTPS Insignia with Slide Rule

USNTPS Graduate Badge with Slide Rule

H 72s at USNTPS,Emblem On Hanger

USNTPS emblem on T-38 Talon

USSWayne E. Meyer COA emblem With Slide Rule on Book.

USAF 6510th Test Wing Patches (1978-1993) showing slide rule in design. On 1 March 1978, the 6510th Test Wing was established and activated at Edwards AFB, California as part of a re-organization of units at Edwards by Air Force Systems Command. The 6510th assumed the flying mission of the Air Force Flight Test Center, which was established in June 1951. See for the history of the 412th and 6510th Test Wing

Oregon State University (OSU) Engineering Mascot Benny Beaver Slide Rule and T-square Decal (1975)

Pencil Cups as a working Slide Rule

Metric Converter Pencil Cup, Chlor-Trimeton Prono Ad.

New American Metric Caddy Pencil Cup

Universal Circle Metric Converter Cup

Slide Rule Pencil Cup

Slide Rule Pencil Cup

Jewelry, Tie Clasps, Rings, etc. having Slide Rules in the design

Slid Rule Tie Clap, Made in Japan

Texas A-M Sliderule Contest Trophy (1957)

UIL medal for Slide Rule Competition 1969. Paul Tarantolo of Houston, Texas, won this 2nd Place Medal in his district while in high school. His team mate won 1st place. They both used a circular Gilson Binary slide rule while the other competitors all used straight 10" models, typically made by Pickett.

Slide Rule Ring - for the discriminating engineer! 2 scales rotating about a cylindrical axis.

Slide Rule Tie Clasp made of Sterling Silver.

Alameda Naval Air Station Engineers Association Lapel Pin, 1964 With Slide Rule.

VERNON Slide Rule Silver Tie Clasp

Misc. Novelties: Lighters, Key Rings, etc. having Slide Rules in the design

Talus Furniture Slide Rule Clock Made with Legos See it work

Corona Slide Rule Lighter Archive Photo

Lockheed Electra E6-B Key Chain The Turboprop Designed For Pilots, Passengers, and Profits.

Chadwick #7285 Computer-Lighter

Made in Japan - includes a cigarette lighter and key fob
Front Scale: Aviation Scales, Mikes, Ground Speed, etc
Back Scales: Daylight hours Calender
Scans donated by Clay Castleberry

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