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(Same as Dutch Circle KRING, but with thumbnails added)

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The following menu selections from Herman van Herwijnen's SR Catalog(See Note at bottom of page), contains some 2,400 images which include 1700 slide rules, and 700 slide charts and associated pictures, many of which are not shown in the current ISRM galleries. This is a subset of the text file: Slide Rule Catalogue © Herman van Herwijnen, which was edited by Otto van Peolje in 2005, and contains 4,224 specimens. Slide Charts are rarely included in the ISRM Slide Rule Galleries, but are shown in their own Technical Slide Chart and Disk Gallery. Every item in the Slide Rule Catalogue starts with its brand name, if available. Manufacturer's names or brands are listed alphabetically with a MATCH (catalog ID number) along with a description of the scales. Clicking the MATCH number pops up the picture of that slide rule.

244 Items
ALRO Disks and Charts (Holland), ARISTO (Germany), ARTILLERY, A (other)
218 Items
BARBOTHEU (France), BELOW Cattle Fodder (Germany) , BLUNDELL (England) , B (other)
90 Items
CARBIC OTIS KING Cylinders (England), CHINESE, CONCISE Discs, (Japan) COX & STEVENS Load Adjusters (USA), C (other)
114 Items
DENNERT & PAPE (Germany), DIETZGEN (USA), DIWA (Denmark), ECOBRA (Germany/DDR), DE
216 Items
FABER CASTELL (Germany), FELSENTHAL Aviation (USA), FOWLER Watch-type Slide Rules (England), GRAPHOPLEX (France), FG (other)
252 Items
HARLING (England), ITAB Slide Charts (Germany), IWA Slide Rules &Charts ( Germany), HI (other)
258 Items
JEPPESEN Flight Computers (USA), KENT School Slide Rules (Japan), KEUFFEL & ESSER (USA), KLIX Slide Charts (Germany), JK (other)
110 Items
LOGA Cylinders & Discs (Switzerland), LOGAREX (Czechoslovakia) LOGOMAT Promotional Discs (Germany), LONDON NAMEPLATE CO Flight Computers (England), L (other)
61 Items
MARCANTONI (Italy), MATTHIJSSEN Special Designs (Holland), MEISSNER (Germany/DDR), MORIN (France), M (other)
178 Items
NESTLER (Germany), NONAME, OMARO Cardboard Slide Charts (France), NO (other)
142 Items
PERRYGRAF Slide Charts (USA), PHILIPS Slide Discs (Holland), PICKETT (USA), POST (USA), PQ (other)
91 Items
REISS (Germany/DDR), RELAY (Japan), RIJNJA (Holland), RUSSIAN, R (other)
126 Items
SEEHASE (Germany), STAEDLER (Germany), SUN HEMMI (Japan), S (other)
64 Items
TAVERNIER GRAVET (France), TECNOSTYL (Italy), THORNTON (England),, TRÖGER Slide Discs (Germany), T (other)
138 Items
UNIQUE (England), UNIS (France, UTO Slide Rules &Charts (Denmark), WOLTERS NOORDHOFF School Slide Rules (Holland), UVW XYZ (other)
2400 Items
Here is the PDF File of all 2400 items, (956KB) of Herman's Slide Rule Catalogue above which has imbedded hyperlinks to the images stored at ISRM.

Note: From the early 1990's Herman van Herwijnen, member of the Dutch Circle, has worked on his "Slide Rule Catalogue" project, with the aim to produce a book with descriptions of all slide rules known within the Dutch Circle. As the project progressed, the goal expanded into a computer based database with pictures in color of each slide rule. In 2003 the Catalog database contained more than 5000 slide rules and slide charts with over 3000 pictures. Since Herman van Herwijnen died in August 2004, the Catalog has been frozen in its last version 5.3 of September 2003. During 2005-2006, this consolidated version, with Diny van Herwijnen's approval, was split into a "TEXT Version" and a "LITE Version" with pictures now available on ISRM as part of the public domain.

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