International Slide Rule Championships (ISRC)

Hosted by ISRM and participating Slide Rule Collector Groups

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Mission: To increase the interest in slide rules and numeracy throughout the world, to add excitement and friendly competition between member organizations by rewarding the slide rule prowess and math competency of individual slide rule collectors, students, and members of engineering associations, to increase the spirit of camaraderie amongst the collector communities, and to increase the membership of the respective national organizations.

As a secondary benefit, competitors will be become more knowledgeable and may be more willing to teach a slide rule seminar in their respective home towns, thereby recruiting younger members to the organizations.

Thirdly, this is supposed to be a FUN event in order to increase the enjoyment of owning and using a slide rule!

Finally, The medals are provided FREE by ISRM to any organization willing to host an ISRC contest.

The first ISRC contest was administered by Rose Suarez, teacher of Mathematics and Research at Half Hollow Hills HS in Half Hollow Hills, NY. The winners (in the left column) show off their ISRC medals. Two students tied for 1st and three tied for 2nd. They were sent individual medals after the competition.

The ISRC contest was challenged by Kristen Fouss's Pre-calculus class at Anderson HS in Cincinnati, Ohio using slide rules provided by ISRM's Slide Rule Loaner program. The Gold and Silver Medalists proudly show off their medals. With sufficient advanced warning, ISRM will supply ribbbons to match the school's (or national) colors instead of the non-country specific maroon and white.

Gold: Werner H. Rudowski(center)
Silver: Jörn Lütjens (right)
Bronze: Klaus G. Krämer (left)
The Deutschsprachigen Rechenschieber-Sammler RST (German speaking Slide Rule Collectors) held its 23rd annual meeting in Altona (Hamburg) Germany on April 14, 2012 and hosted the 2012 'truly' International Slide Rule Championships, the first one to be held in Europe. 15 of the 40 slide rule collectors, 5 countries (Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Finland) volunteered in participating in the International Slide Rule contest (Continental European) 2012, which was performed for the first time. The main profession of the contesters were (retired) engineers, 2 active pilots, and teachers. All the participants received an ARISTO Darmstadt 967 slide rule and had to solve 10 problems within 30 minutes.
The champion, Werner H. Rudowski won with with 10 (all) solutions solved followed by Jörn Lütjens with 9,5 solutions and Klaus G. Krämer with 9 solutions. Congratulations all!

Downloads (PDF's):

ISRC Current Rules and Procedures (1 MB)

ISRC Practice Problem Set PPS-1 (300KB) (corrected 6-3-2024)

The Official Contest Problem Sets will have the same problem arrangements as the Practice Set, but will have the constants changed. The administratrator of the contest will be sent one of the official problem sets by email once an event is planned.

The basic operations may be studied at ISRM's on-line Slide Rule Course or may be downloaded as a seminar in PDF form at:

Slide Rule Seminar (4.9MB)

Volunteer to be an Administrator!

If you wish to volunteer as an administrator to host the ISRC in your local, just Email the curator with the details (date and location) and I'll send out a set of medals. Upon request, Medals will be custom made using the language of the host country.

3 participants (minimum) = 1 Gold medal
4-6 participants = 2 medals (Gold and Silver)
7 or more participants = 3 medals (Gold Silver and Bronze)

If your organization wishes to have 7" x 9" plaques instead of medals I'll make up a set for $30.00 USD each (which is my cost) plus shipping, sent to anywhere. You will need to make a Paypal donation to ISRM using the button below to cover the cost of plaques.

If you wish to support this program, by making a monetary donation, each medal set plus shipping around the world costs us about $25.00 USD. Thank you!

Questions? Call Michael at 303-921-8709.

The Oughtred Society held its annual meeting in Las Vegas Nevada and hosted the 2010 International Slide Rule Championships. Nine finalists from a large group of attendees fought for the top three trophies. Winners were Bennie Tschoerner, Paris, Texas,1st place; Riki Nakamoto, Oahu, Hawaii, 2nd place; Carl Schwent, Phoenix, Arizona, 3rd place. Honorable mentions were: Bob De Cesaris, Gary Flom, Gerd Keuffel (of the K&E legacy), Bob Koppany, and Kate Matthews. Any collector group, school or engineering association are invited to host an ISRC contest.
Students in the Math Club at Cowherd Middle School in Aurora, Illinos, supervised by Cheryl Lewis, took on the ISRC challenge and produced several proud champions. (Note: without parents permission, the faces are purposely blurred).

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