Faber-Castell 309 Schulrechenstab



Front without slide

Back of the slide


Length 30 cm
Number of scales 9
Country of origin Germany
Country of manufacturing Germany
Year of manufacturing  
Status of the slide rule Little signs of use
Material of the slide rule Celluloid on wood
Type of cursor Celluloid
Status of the box Heavily damaged
Type of box Little signs of use
Status of the manual None
Collection number 33
Further comments One of the first inexpensive slide rules for schools (Schulrechenstäbe). They all have celluloid cursors. The celluloid looks different from the celluloid on the "normal" FC slide rules. It more resembles a thick layer of paint than a layer of celluloid.

I still don't know how to date these school slide rules, as there is no production date on the back.


 Last updated: 04-09-2009