CME Artillery slide rule



Front without slide


Back of the slide


Detail of the cursor stop mechanism

Length 25cm
Number of scales 9
Country of origin Germany
Country of manufacturing Germany
Year of manufacturing World war II
Status of the slide rule Normal signs of use
Material of the slide rule Celluloid on wood
Type of cursor Metal with plastic
Status of the box Normal signs of use
Type of box Heavy leather
Status of the manual None
Collection number 253
Further comments This slide rule produced for the German army under a code name: "cme".  CME is the code for Wichmann. I strongly believe the slide rule is manufactured by Faber-Castell: it looks and feels like a FC, but also Faber-Castell produced a lot of types of slide rules for Wichmann.

Besides the fact that the slide rule is bigger than normal, it has a very sturdy design:

The slider has small indents on the left and rigth (as can be seen on the photograph). In the top and bottom walls of the well are 4 small metal spheres. The indents lock on the spheres, sothat the slider cannot accidentally drop from the slude rule.

The cursor cannot easily be removed from the stator, due to the mechanism show on the detail photograph.




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