Faber-Castell 1/94/394 Rietz/Bornemann



Front without slide

Back of the slide


Length 30 cm
Number of scales 11
Country of origin Germany
Country of manufacturing Germany
Year of manufacturing 1935
Status of the slide rule Normal signs of use
Material of the slide rule Celluloid on wood
Status of the box Normal signs of use
Status of the manual None
Collection number 155
Further comments This slide rule looks very normal, but has special names for the scales (e.g. OF/OZ instead of A/B). Otto van Poelje guessed that OF and OZ meant "Oben-Fest" and "Oben-Ziehen".

Also the help text for the decimal point is different in this slide rula. On the goniometric scales there is some help text for placing the decimal point.



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