Faber-Castell 157/80 Mentor-Fix



Front without slide


Length 30 cm
Number of scales 9
Country of origin Germany
Country of manufacturing Germany
Year of manufacturing 1974
Status of the slide rule Near mint
Material of the slide rule Plastic
Status of the box Near mint
Type of box Retail pouch
Status of the manual Mint (German)
Collection number 146
Further comments One of the latest generations of special school slide rules. I have another one from 1959 (catalogue number 144) that is nearly identical with a few minor diferences:
  • It lacks the type number and "Made in Germany" on the slide. Instead the logo and type number can be found in the well.
  • The cursor is slightly different.
  • The old one has help information on the back side.



 Last updated: 04-09-2009