A.W. Faber



Front without slide

Back of the slide

Length 26 cm
Number of scales 10
Country of origin USA
Country of manufacturing Germany
Year of manufacturing Pre-1897
Status of the slide rule Minimal signs of use
Material of the slide rule Wood
Type of cursor Metal (steel?) with glass
Status of the box None
Status of the manual None
Collection number 141
Further comments This is one of the earliest Faber-Castell slide rules, when the company was still called A.W. Faber. Celluloid facing appeared in 1897, so this slide rule is from before that year.

On the site of Ron Manley is the only other slide rule of this age that I know. His slide rule is very similar to this one, but most likely somewhat older:

  • That one has a cursor with 2 chissel-like projections, as can be found on even older slide rules.
  • The indent on the back is missing, while this indent cann be found on nearly all later FC slide rules.

Interestingly this slide rule says "Made in Germany", while most FC slide rules from before 1920 say "Made in Bavaria".

This particular one came from the US: it has an inch-scale on the top, instead of a centimeter scale.


 Last updated: 04-09-2009