Faber-Castell 51/87 Rietz


Front without slide

Back of the slide


Length 30 cm
Number of scales 10
Country of origin Germany
Country of manufacturing Germany
Year of manufacturing  
Status of the slide rule Normal signs of use
Material of the slide rule Celluloid on wood
Status of the box Normal signs of use
Status of the manual None
Collection number 138
Further comments This is one of the inexpensive school slide rules that Faber-Castell made in years before WWII. It is one of the more complex ones.

Interesting to see that the reverse C/D scale is named "K" instead of teh usual "CI".

On the back of the box is a label of the shop that sold the slide rule: L. Morsbach Bürobedarf-Geschenkartikel, Linkgasse 5, Solingen. The price was then 10.75 Deutschmark.



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