Faber-Castell 369



Front without slide

Back of the slide


Length 15 cm
Number of scales 10
Country of origin USA
Country of manufacturing Germany
Year of manufacturing 1921
Status of the slide rule Normal signs of use
Material of the slide rule Celluloid on wood
Type of cursor Aluminium with glass, 1 line
Status of the box Near mint (given its age)
Type of box  
Status of the manual None
Collection number 112
Further comments Especially the box of this slide rule is in superb condition. Often with these kinds of boxes, the metal reinforcements on the left and right side are gone. In this case they are in pristine condition.

Written on the inside of the box is the name of a previous owner: "E.H. Pahl"


Interestingly this slide rule lacks the metal re-inforcement rods embedded in the wood. E.g. my 368 of the same age, does have these rods.


 Last updated: 04-09-2009