My Faber-Castell slide rule collection
End of 2005 I ran on Ebay into a old slide rule (A Unique Universal 1). Because I used a slide rule when I was still at high school, it raised some old memories and I bought it. The slide rule virus bit me an I started buying more and more.

Soon I found out that there were too many different slide rules to chose from and that I had to make a choice. Rather randomly I chose to start collecting Faber-Castell slide rules.

This website documents the slide rules I have collected and the information that I have gathered. I currently own 233 slide rules. Part of my slide rule collection is shown on this website.



My current favourites

Alro 200R A beautiful Faber-Castell catalogue from the 60-ies.

A beautifull\ FC catalogue from the 50-ies

A very rare Dennert & Pape Eisenbeton slide rule from 1922

Have fun.

Since December 2006 my website is hosted on the server of the sliderule museum of Mike Konshak. Visit the slide rule museum site for much more interesting slide rules.



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