Hemmi Slide Rule Catalogue Raisonné
This Catalogue Raisonne describes every slide rule ever made by the Hemmi Slide rule Company of Japan – or at least all those I have been able to identify. It is the most comprehensive catalogue of Hemmi slide rules ever published. There are two parts: (1) This page lists Hemmi slide rules for which a model number is known. (2) The second page contains descriptions of Hemmi-made slide rules for which I have not been able to determine a model number. These are typically rules with names rather than numbers or military rules or rules sold under another company's (Post, Foxboro, SKF, etc.) name.

Construction material is not specifically mentioned in this catalogue but can be deduced from the slide rule model number. Rules with model numbers that begin with “P” (e.g., P23) are all plastic. Other slide rules are, with a few exceptions which are noted in the text, celluloid on bamboo.

Pictures: Click on any underlined item for a picture or more information.

This is an updated version of the Comprehensive Hemmi Catalog which was published in the Spring 2003 issue of the Journal of the Oughtred Society. It is based upon about 500 documents, photographs and specimen slide rules, many of which were supplied by my friends in Japan: William Lise, Atsushi Tomozawa and Yukio Kubota; I cannot begin to express my gratitude to them. Many errors exist in spite of their efforts and this catalog remains a work in progress. I will be grateful to anyone who can supply missing information or pictures or point out errors.

Paul Ross
Company History: This catalogue is not meant to be a history of the Hemmi Slide Rule Company. For that we recommend Bill Lise's web site.
NOTE: We hear Bill's website is down. Sorry.
See this guide to estimate the date of manufacture of Hemmi slide rules and slide rule cursors.
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