2013 Meeting Hosted by Ed Chamberlain
in Etna, New Hampshire.

A Remembrance.

by Jim Cerny

On a pleasant October day in 2013, eight of us gathered at Ed Chamberlain's farm in Etna, New Hampshire—to view, talk about, and sell slide rules. All of these collectors were from the Northeast and I had met most of these collectors about ten years before at East Coast meetings in northern New Jersey.

We had a field trip to Harold Frost's house to see his remarkable collection of planimeters. At his request I did not do any photography, but he has shown them at other meetings Some stayed for dinner at a local restaurant, while I left for my two-hour drive back to the New Hampshire Seacoast.

What follows is a unsystematic collection of photographs, with emphasis on Ed's long-scale rules and on capturing detail.

I only saw Ed one more time, when we had lunch in 2014. In fact, I was unaware he had died until almost a year after the fact. Here is a remembrance of the impact Ed had on my collecting. And here is a link to his published obituary.

Ed in 2013

Image & Description

Images by Jim Cerny. (click on each image for a larger version)

Standing from left: Ted Palen, Ed Chamberlain, Michael Frey, Conrad Schure.
Kneeling from left: Daryl Caulkins, Thomas Frank,Lawrence Ober, Zach Flur.
Behind camera: Jim Cerny.

Ed's table with long scale rules.

Ross long scale circular rule.

Detail of Ross rule cursors.

Appoullot T4 circular rule.

Appoullot T4 circular rule - detail.

LaFay helical rules.

Dempster Rotarule.

Tavernier clinometer detail

Loga cylindrical rule.

Billeter cylindrical rule - detail.

Troger circular rule.

Zach Fluhr's circular rules.

Zach Fluhr's circular rules - detail.

Magnifying cursor detail (model unknown).

Napier's bones.

Curta calculator.

Willis planimeter.

Sikes hydrometer.

Cox compressed air rule.

Cox compressed air rule - detail.

Tie clip rules.

Figure holding a slide rule.

Formal figure holding a slide rule.

The end!