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Model Numbers: Keuffel & Esser slide rule model numbers often have alphabetic prefixes and suffixes.  For example "N4081-3" indicates a "new" revsionof already existing model 4081-3.  These revisions usually amounted to nothing more than a re-arrangement of the scales; the physical sizesof models with and without the "N" are absolutely identical.  Any case or cursor that fits a model without the "N" will also fit the model with the "N."  The "N" was usually dropped after couple of years when people had gotten used to the new scale arrangement.
    The suffix indicated what kind of case the rule came in.  4081-3S (and N4081-3S) came in a sewn leather case.  4081-3F came in an imitationleather fiber case.  So, ignore the alphabetic prefixes and suffixes when looking for parts for you slide rule.  If yourrule is marked "N4093-3F," just look for model 4093-3.
    The -1 or -3 or -5 in the model number does make a difference.  "-1" indicated a "five-inch" rule; "-3" a ten-inch rule and "-5" a 20-incher.  Twenty-inch rules usually--but not always--use slightly different cursors from the corresponding ten-inch versions.

Quantities are limited (sometimes only one).  USED ITEMS HAVE BEEN CLEANED AND RECONDITIONED.  If what you need is not available check back later; maybe we'll find one somewhere.  Email us if you need something not on this list or if you're not sure what you need.

Note:If the OEM glass lens or cursor blocks are shown as "N.A." (not available), we have Replica Laser cut acrylic lens and 3-D Cursor Blocks on the Restoration page.
$5 blanks or $10 if I add the hairline on the lens or tap the 1/72-UNF threads on the blocks.

 Fits  Item Part No. Price
4035, 4035S
Complete Cursor.
N. A.
4158, 68-1892, K-12 Prep  CompleteCursor. Pic
$15 New
4097, 4097B, 4097C, 4097D, 4098  CompleteCursor. Pic
N. A. 
4056, 4058C, 4058W, N4058W  (All-metal cursor.  Available in chrome or black) CompleteCursor. Pic
$25 Used
4181-1(C),E4181J, 68-1261, 68-1282, 68-1287  CompleteCursor.  Pic
N. A.
Window (only) for XW cursor. Pic
$14 New
1-1/8"wide Closed Body Slide Rules:

4045, 4051, 4054(no K scale on face), 4055, 4094, 4096(Metal), 4100, 4101, 4143, 4165, 4045S, 4051S, 4053-3, 4053-3S, N4035, N4035S, N4041, N4041F, N4041FS, N4041S, N4053-2, N4053-2S, N4053-3, N4053-3F,N4053-FS, N4053-3S, N4053-5, N4053-5S, N4094, N4100, N4100S, N4101, N4101S.

Frameless cursor

N. A.
Frameless window
$25 used
CompleteCursor, 1 inch wide.  Pic
N. A.
Complete Cursor with notch for reading K scale on bottom edge of rule.Pic

N. A.
Window (only) for EL and FL cursors above.   Pic
$14 Used
Metal window frame for EL and FL cursors above.
$7 Used
Complete Narrow Cursor, 1.8 cm (23/32inch) wide (After c. 1960)
Window (only) for VW cursor. 
$16 New
All duplex rules Cursor Screw. Pic
$2 Used
Body/Stator Screw. Pic
$5 Used
10-inch:  4041, 4100, 4100S  with frameless cursor Frameless Window 
N. A. 
10-inch:  4061, 4065, 4071, 4095 with frameless cursor  Frameless Window Pic
$25 New
5-inch duplex:  4088-1, N4135S, 4095-1 with frameless cursor Frameless Window 
1-3/16" x 1/4" duplex rules including  4088-2, 4088-3, 4095-3 CompleteCursor. Pic
$40 Used
Frameless Window
$16 New
Window (only) for GL framed cursor.   Pic
$16 Used
Metal Window Frame only  Pic
$7 Used
1-5/16" x 1/4" duplex rules including 4070-3, 4071-3, 4139, 68-1254, 68-1259, 68-1460, 68-1465, 68-1497, 68-1502. CompleteCursor. Pic
$40 Used
Frameless Window
9 N. A.
Window (only) for PL framed cursor . Pic
$16 Used
Metal Window Frame only.  Pic 9F $7 Used
1-5/8" x 3/16" duplex rules including 4181-3, E4181, N9081-3.  Uses  #7, 7L/7W, 7F windowsand frames listed below.  Complete Cursor.   Pic
N. A.
1-5/8" x 1/4" duplex rules including  4080-3, E4081, 4081-3, 4082-3, 4083-3, 4088-5, 4090-3, 4091-3, 4092-3, 4092-5 after 1930, 4093-3, 4095-5, 4102, 4128, 4142, 4160.   Uses  #7, 7L/7W, 7F windows and frames listed below.  Complete Cursor. Pic
N. A.
1-5/8" x 5/16" duplex rules including 4080-5, 4081-5, 4083-5, 4088-5, 4092-5 before 1930, 4093-5.   Newly assembled from used K&E parts and new plastic bars made with a 3-D printer. Complete Cursor.  Pic
All 1-5/8"-wide duplex rules using RW, IL, or IaL cursors. Frameless Window.
N. A.
Window (only) for framed cursors. Pic
N. A.
Metal Window Frame only. Pic
$7 Used.
5-inch  All-Plastic 68-1130 Decilon 5 CompleteCursor. Pic 68-2104 N. A.
Window.  Pic 68-2170 $16 New
10-inch  All-Plastic 68-1100 Decilon 10 Complete Cursor.  Pic 68-2105 N. A.
Window. Pic 68-2171 $16 New
Clip-on magnifier for the following models:

4045, 4051, 4053-2, 4053-3,4053-5,  4054, 4055, 4088-2, 4088-3, 4094, 4095, 4095-3, 4096(Metal), 4100, 4101, 4143, 4150-1, 4153-1, 4161-1, 4161-3, 4165, N4035, N4041, N4053-2, N4053-3,, N4053-5,  N4094, N4100, N4101, N4133, 68-1486, 68-1576, 68-1581, 68-1586, 68-1607, 68-1612, 68-1617, 68-1622, 68-1643, 68-1648, 68-1775, 68-1786, 68-1791.
Folds up when removed from rule.   Pic 4185-1 N. A.
Non-Folding Magnifier,  Pic
$50 Used

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