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All purchases and fees on this page go toward maintaining the museum website and supporting the Slide Rule Loaner Program for Schools. The specimens they replace, however, may be items in the fund raiser. The recommended fee is based on the average total cost of ebay sales for similar specimens over the past two years. 100% satisfaction. All returns accepted, just pay return postage. If you wish to contact me directly and offer a different amount, we will work with you to serve both our needs. Call the Curator, Mike Konshak, at 303-921-8709 days and evenings

Categorizing of Slide Rules needing to be rescued has begun!
Download the PDF file or View as HTML Web page of the candidates

Adoption Instructions

  1. Download the PDF or View as HTML of the candidates. Both files have hyperlinks to the exact model shown in the gallery for your comparison. In most cases, the rescue slide rule is as good or better than the ISRM archive specimen. Exceptions are noted.
  2. Make a list of the slide rules that you desire.
  3. If you wish to make a counter-offer to the recommended adoption fee, email the curator with your list and offer.
  4. Total up the recommended adoption fees for each item along with $10 shipping (if under $100) and enter it in using the Buy it Now button on the right. $10 minimum fee, in $10 increments. If you reach $100, then just toss in another $10 worth of slide rules for the shipping you'll be charged. ...or use the donation button on the other pages to put in an odd amount.
  5. International Adoptions: Individual slide rules can be shipped outside the United States for $23.95 using a USPS Priority Mail padded envelope.
  6. Email or call Mike, if you run into problems please.
It takes a bit of time for the Curator to respond so, if for some reason, the slide rule has already been adopted, you'll be emailed to see if there is another slide rule that you want to rescue, switch to a direct donation, or get a refund. Personal checks are also accepted. Thanks for your support!
Choose the total of all your selections

Use the drop-down button, and select your total amount. $10 Shipping will be added. List the items by reference #. in the message to curator.

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Slide Rule Electronic Calculators available for adoption

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