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Foghorn Leghorn Vs Egghead Jr Using Slide Rule in "Hide and Seek".. Warner Bros and the Cartoon Network
Watch Cartoon 1:06 Min (MP4)

Jef Mallet Cartoon: Teacher With Slide Rule

Darwin Slide Rule, a graphic by Larry Stewart.

Science Cartoon by T. McCracken. See more of Theresa's excellent work at McHumor Cartoons

Brookins Pluggers Cartoon

Raccoon with Slide Rule by Daniel

Christmas Card from Larry Stewart (International Slide Rule Group)

"Lucky" LarryStewart (International Slide Rule Group)

Bloom County cartoons drawn by Berkeley Breathed (1988) about the demise of slide rules.

Cornered The Slide Rule Market Cartoon

Mr. Tweedy Slide Rule Bankruptcy

Outland by Berkeley Breathed Slide Rule 12-26-1993

Pluggers Cartoon by Gary Brookins Published 11-3-2009

Cartoon Mocking Dr. Peter Mark Rogets Inventions 1975, Thesaurus and Log Log Slide Rule

Modified Cartoon, Mocking a slide rule Collector by his wife

Darby Conley (2002) cartoon Bucky wants Compass, Slide Rule and... Courtesy of United Feature Syndicate, Inc.

Bob Thaves, cartoonist, 1940s from Book Of Madness,University Of Minnisota

Cartoons from Stanford University magazine Chaparral c1960

Acme Slide Rules Wall Street Journal

Mathew Pritchett Daily Telegraph Millenium Bug

Spanked With Slide Rule, National Lampoon Art Poster Book 1975

Oliver Wendell Jones chased by his Slide Rule - BerkeleyBreathed

C.O. Harris from Slide Rule Simplified 1943

National Lampoon Yearbook, Slide Rule Club 1964

Madam Hildas cartoon Mysteries Of The Slide Rule Unveiled

German Slide Rule Cartoon

German Slide Rule Cartoon

Cartoon by Harley Schwadron, 2002 Tribune Media

Cartoonbank Abbacus Is Down

Daily Mail Political Cartoon 2004

Abucus Cartoon

Charlie and Lola in "Inventing Something Useful", CBeebies TV show in the UK. April 2017 (UKSRC SkidStick#57)

Over the Hedge Cartoon, March 16, 2005, by Michael Fry and T. Lewis.

Zorglub with sliderule (1962). From the Belgian comic strip series Spirou et Fantasio album No. 16 "L'ombre du Z" (1962). Mad scientist, Zorglub, is holding a sliderule and is being disturbed by honking in the driveway. (contributed by Etienne Sourd, Montral, Canada).

Slide Rule based Computer - Cartoon in the New Yorker magazine

Slide Rule Character in Earth-ML Comic

Apollo "Uhhh, Houston We Have A Word Problem", Cartoon by Scott Hilburn (c)2010

Ad for Yaquinto's Attack of the Mutants game that used to run on the inside cover of most Marvel comics.(1980)

"Slide Rulers Rule" - Return To Zero Comic in EDN magazine

"A World Without Engineers", Agilent Technologies promo.

New Zealand Political Cartoon With Slide Rule. 4-24-13 by Tom Scott. Contributed By Phillip Rodley, Upper Hutt, NZ. It was comparing the simplicity and cost of earlier energy policies to the current situation. Larger

Paul Taylor cartoon, 2013-04-19 "Human Slide Rule".

Showcase Presents The Phantom Stranger, Volume 1, "Slide Rule"

Alien Vs Scientist (with slide rule), drawn in unknown cartoon, Contributed by Foo Cheow Ming

Robot Enginers With Slide Rule - Electronics Illustrated Oct 1958

"Just Wait Until I Find The Guy Who Sold Me This Slide Rule" Cartoon - Radio News, May 1939

Abacus "In Case Of Emergncy" In Computer Room, Radio-TV-Experimenter, July 1966

IIT Tech News Cartoon Shows Student With Slide Rule On Hip. April 1, 1948

IIT Tech News - Slide Rule As Martini Stirrer. Oct 23, 1953

PG&E's Endless Slide Rule Nuclear Is Safe - By Russel Hodin 2015

RATED R - John Dempsey Cartoon - Scientist With Slide Rule In Pocket

"Mr. Flex Wants His Radio 'Log' Book" - Amateur-Wireless, November 1930. His son hands him a logarithm tables book.

Old Age Retirement vs Geek Public Speech, Sales Pitches with Gadgets

Over Dependence On Technology Slide Rule Abacus - In Case of Power Outage

Lead Engineer With Slide Rule - Elementary Electronics Jan-Feb 1975

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